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Manage your own shop

Setup new e-commerce can be a challenge and this is what we do best, managing should be something anyone can do so we will guide and support you to perform any common daily task in your shop.

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Sell on Instagram

Stories into shopping experiences

Use Instagram to sell your products on your profile by creating a shopping experience with us. The new feature allows you to hold up different articles of clothing, style them with accessories, or even show how they look when worn together!.

  • Checkout directly in Instagram
  • Remove all shopping barriers
Sell on IG
Your products on Facebook

Expose your products with social posts

Shopify's new Facebook storefront integration can help you increase your store traffic and sales. Post an eye-catching photo of a product on Facebook, add relevant hashtags, then watch as customers from all over discover what they've been missing!

  • Sell with tools you already use
  • Learn what your customers like using pixel
  • Keep selling in social networks and manage from Shopify
Sell on FB
Frequently Asked Questions

Want to ask something
from us?

The short answer no, we can learn a new platform and help you with the setup.

The real challenge is with errors, customization, or advanced features, give a bad experience because the lack of knowledge is something we want to avoid.

Shopify has a Basic Plan starting at $29 USD for a full store and this should be enough for the majority of cases.

Also, there can be annual fees from Lazzo if you need a domain name, business email, and advanced support.

Depends on the play you chose; we suggest the Basic Plan and this provides 2 accounts besides our developer account access.

No, using Shopify Payments (Available in USA) doesn’t add an extra fee but if you diced to use an external provider (Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, etc.) there will be an extra charge around 2.9% + 0.30¢ USD.

We can set up more selling channels than your shop, this will integrate with some social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

This requires a Facebook account if you don’t have one don’t hesitate to ask us for help.

You can do it by giving the final package to a courier and paying for the service, or Shopify has some discounts with the most popular companies and some of these have third-party plugins to work with a more automated sell flow.

This means you are an informed buyer 💯.

Yes, Shopify has a Lite Plan for $9 USD that works great with companies current website, shop or blog.

There are two another plans $79 an $299 USD but they only include some extra features and more access accounts.

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Click on the blue round button at the bottom right corner of this page. You can also email our support team at